Friday, July 23, 2010

Minimizing Skype and Windows Live Messenger to Notification Area

Windows 7 is a digital blessing and even more so as Windows Vista proved to be such a pain in the neck. However, like most things in life, Windows 7 is also not perfect. One of the issues (some might say it's a feature) is that certain programs, which typically would run minimized in the Notification Area, like the Taskbar so much that they always remain there while running. Two such programs are Skype and Windows Live Messenger.

Luckily, forcing these programs to stay where they belong -- the Notification Area -- is easy. Follow the following two links for two great short tutorials that show exactly how to achieve that:-

1. How to Minimize Skype to Windows 7 Notification Area
2. How to Minimize Windows Live Messenger to Windows 7 Notification Area

I hope you'll enjoy the extra, valuable Taskbar space after you send these two sticky programs to the Notification Area!

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