Sunday, July 27, 2008

DivX Web Player Permission Error in IE7 on Windows Vista

If you have "Protected Mode" on in IE7 and you are running Windows Vista (this setting is on by default), you'll get the following error when you try watching a movie off a Web Site (like stage6): "The DivX Web Player could not write the video file to disk...." The current stable version of DivX Web Player ( doesn't support IE7's Potected Mode. No matter how you configure permissions for the DivX video cache folder (%USERPROFILE%\Videos\DivX Movies), you keep getting this error. To resolve the issue, you have three choices which I list below in order of most secure to less secure:
  1. Download and install the latest version of DivX Web Player (currently in beta), which you can install on top of your current DivX installation package. Get the player at
  2. Add your movie Web Site to the list of trusted sites in IE.
  3. Turn Protected Mode off for Internt Zone.


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