Saturday, April 26, 2008

Working Out of a Client Location in MI

Note: This is an old post that I moved in here from another blog of mine. The original date of the post is 8/24/07. This post is in fact a little bit late. It's been a month since I have relocated to Rochester Hills, MI. But now is a good time to share with you a little bit of info about what I am doing here. After three weeks of stay in NJ, and enjoying a very calm and cool work environment at Macrosoft, I got placed at a client's (Autoweb) site in Rochester Hills, MI. They are developing the new generation of a well-known product for the automotive industry. The main function of this product is providing a platform for sharing intellectual property data and collaboration among first tier automotive vendors like General Motors and Ford, and their suppliers. My role in the development of this project is v. critical. In a nutshell, I am developing a component that would enable the old product and its new incarnation to work together seamlessly. This component's ultimate goal is to gradually migrate all clients from the old product to the new one and to enable vendors and suppliers to continue IP collaboration in the mean time regardless of which product they are using. As you can see, this component which I am developing for my client is v. important for the success of the new product. And because we have almost run out of time-to-deadline, we're working not only long hours but weekends as well. And it's been like this for a month, non-stop. Man, this tough schedule! I didn't have to work like that even in Pakistan. This is for you Pakis who always complaint that we have but unorganized software development industry where every other project is a chaos. Trust me, it's no better here either. In fact, software development is such a challenging and complex task that if it's not exercised with due caution and expertise, you're almost guaranteed to end up with a project that is a nightmare to develop, maintain, and evolve. Stay tuned for more updates. Cheers.

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