Saturday, December 23, 2006

Excess Memory

Big mistake. Yes I made a big mistake today. I have 384 MB of RAM in my PIII computer with 855 MHz processor installed on Intel D815e board. I planned to upgrade my system by adding more memory to it. So I went and bought a 512 MB memory stick for Rs.3,100. But when I installed the memory module in my system, guess what, it displayed a message on startup that "216: Memory exceeds the maximum limit". Terrible! Isn't it? Man, I should have given it a bit of thought. But no, I went straight to the market and bought myself an extra 512 MB of RAM. Gosh. Well, so what now? Hmmm. I've installed the new 512 MB module into my system and the other two modules (128 MB and 256 MB) are lying in front of me. No use for them currently. May be I might go for selling them or something. But for that I don't want to rush as I did for buying RAM. So whenever planning to upgrade your PC, be sure to checkout if it is upgradeable to the extent you're planning. Cheers.

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