Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Mobile Phone Gets Snatched!

Yesterday night around 2115 hrs, when I reached near my home, getting back from office, two robbers, riding a bike, approached me suddenly. One of them, aiming at me with a loaded pistol, demanded that I surrender my mobile phone and wallet. I, surprised in shock, obeyed (what else could I do in front of a loaded gun; after all it was real life not a movie). I requested them to give me back my purse after getting the money. The robbers took my mobile phone, got money out of my purse (about Rs.300), thrown the purse on the field, and went off on their bike. God! With my mobile I've lost hundreds of very, very important phone numbers. This is where you understand how important it's to back-up your important data. Unfortunately, I have no backup of the phone numbers :( Anyways I lodged complaint of the incident soon afterwards. It was a really bad experience. According to a news I read couple of days back, around 3,000 mobile phones are snatched daily across Pakistan! Since I am all okay, thanks God, I'll end this blog with cheers :) Cheers.

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