Sunday, October 29, 2006

Eid Saga

This Eid was really joyous for me. I stayed at home on first day of Eid meeting the coming relatives and friends. Second day of Eid I went to see my friends Zahid and Imtiaz. We then went to Pizza Hut for dinner and really enjoyed it. Third day of Eid was also great. I met many of my relatives and friends. Yestrday I recieved my Bank Alfalah Credit Card. I am also a Citibank Credit Card holder but somewhat dissatisfied with their service. So I plan to stop using CitiCard in favor of Alfalah Credit Card. My office will be on from Monday, i.e., tomorrow. Now I am going to have breakfast. In an hour or so I'll be leaving for Waqas's (my friend) house. Cheers.

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